The Erasmus+ project Evolve aims on the one hand to promote the cooperation between local authorities and NGOs/CSOs, by addressing the non-organized management of adult volunteers for social welfare activities and on the other hand to motivate adults participation in volunteering activities by enhancing their skills. logynon

the impact of evolve

Evolve will positively influence the actors in the field of volunteering activities, focusing not only to individuals but also to stakeholders and policymakers in each level.

Evolve will

Improve skills to adults 

(numeracy, literacy ,digital, soft)

Develop Capacity building to local authorities & civil society organizations on how to effectively implement volunteering activities

Increase adults’ participation in volunteering activities.

Raise awareness among stakeholders and policymakers in each level, aiming to support a more active participation of vulnerable people in the community.

Enhance the matching of volunteers and volunteering activities.

We want to

Enable low-skilled adults to identify volunteering opportunities at local level that match their skills.

Develop the literacy, numeracy and digital skills of volunteers as well as the soft skills of low skilled adults, thus enhancing their self-confidence and employability opportunities.

Create and expand a pool of trained volunteers for local authorities and NGOs/CSOs.

Increase adult recruitment and retention in social welfare activities.

Improve the quality of voluntary social welfare activities, enhancing the cooperation between local authorities and civil society.

How will we succeed it?

Capacity Building Course
for adult volunteers 

better skills for adult

Web platform for Capacity Building and Volunteer Guidance which will serve as an e-learning tool for the development of adults skills and as online space where prospective adult volunteers will be able to acquire a better understanding of what volunteer entails. Also, this platform will serve as an innovative volunteer guidance for the better matching between volunteers and volunteering opportunities.

Comprehensive Capacity Development Methodology of Adult Volunteering for Local Social Welfare. The methodology will aim at equipping low-skilled adult volunteers with advanced competences for providing in a systematic and organised way community-based support volunteering services to vulnerable groups.

Infodays (Greece, Italy, Cyprus). The infodays aim to raise awareness about the Web Platform for Capacity Building and Volunteer Guidance.

Final Conference (Greece). Final Conference will serve as a medium to extensively disseminate to potential multipliers the project activities and to promote their sustainability and further exploitation.

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